Despondent, lonely, and needing a second chance, homeless men are given the opportunity to build a new life at the POA's Grace House.  A shelter for homeless men, the Grace House can support 16 men.

To qualify for residence at the mission, candidates must be at least 18 years old and physically able to take care of themselves.  Upon their arrival, men must demonstrate their will to stay and to study the Bible by obeying house rules and attending church.  While living at the Grace House, men are expected to police themselves and to show respect.

The Grace House first opened in 1988.  In the Spring of 2000, the Grace House moved to its present location in a newly-built facility.  The Grace House now includes living space for the men, a patio, a storage shed, and five lots.  Located a few blocks from the POA, the Grace House is staffed by one administrator, two assistants, one house supervisor, and other volunteers.

Those volunteering at the Grace House must demonstrate an unyielding desire to reach for hardened men.  They must have a knowledge and personal experience of what the men are going through in their life.  Volunteers must be fearless, mature and strong in the Spirit, and able to teach and defend the Gospel.

After undergoing a brief orientation, volunteers assist in counseling with the men and expounding the Word of God.  Workers also enforce house rules and strive to place the fear of God into these men.

The Grace House also connects men with:

In the more than 20 years of its existence, thousands of men have been blessed by the services of the Grace House.  Many of the men, years later, remain members of the POA and are involved in church ministries.

Anchor provides solid, everyday practical teaching for attendees.  Anchor holds weekly classes using Bible-based programs.  Classes are held on the POA's campus and are available to residents of the Grace House and House of Mercy.