The House of Mercy facilitates healing for hurting women in need of protection and shelter.  Reaching out to the homeless women of the community, House of Mercy provides temporary housing and an opportunity to overcome hardships.  The House of Mercy can accommodate six ladies at a time.

When ladies arrive at the House of Mercy, they attend an orientation, which includes a presentation of the following:

  • the plan of salvation
  • an introduction to God's principles
  • the goal to become an overcomer and to live a life of love, peace, joy, and righteousness
  • guidelines that must be followed while in residence
  • the House of Mercy's handbook

Staff members of the House of Mercy are responsible for scheduling chores, such as cooking and cleaning.  They also schedule mandatory events, such as Bible studies, prayer meetings, and attendance at church services.

In an effort to provide financial assistance, the staff helps residents obtain employment and encourages financial responsibility to prepare for the future.

Following the example set by Jesus, the House of Mercy is designed to provide a covering for the hurting.  In meeting the needs of residents, the House of Mercy staff administrates, leads, and disciplines with love, compassion, forgiveness, grace, long-suffering, patience, sympathy, and tolerance. 

Anchor provides solid, everyday practical teaching for attendees.  Anchor holds weekly classes using Bible-based programs.  Classes are held on the POA's campus and are available to residents of the Grace House and House of Mercy.


Question about the House of Mercy? 
Contact the church office at 318.487.8976.