Fall Session 2 MyPOA Life Classes

Life Classes are for you!

Life Classes (formerly known as Module Classes) are designed to provide opportunities for you to apply God’s Word to everyday living and to fulfill your unique purpose. No two lives are the same yet we all have a divine purpose. Through Life Classes you can find a place to grow in a meaningful and personally relevant way in your relationship with Jesus Christ. You will finish your Life Class equipped with spiritual, educational, emotional, social and even physical tools you need to grow in faith, mature in Christ and walk in your unique purpose.

November Life Class Registration is now open! Life classes will be held on Wednesday evenings from 7:00 pm until 8:15 pm on November 1st, 8th and 15th. Class size is limited and pre-registration is required. To register, simply click the title of the class you would like to take and complete the registration form.


Azusa: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow - T.F. Tenney & Gentry Mangun
T. F. Tenney is one of the few remaining individuals who had first-hand experiences with the founders of our faith.  He is committed to bridging the generations before us to us - and us to the generations to come.  Joined by Gentry Mangun, a fourth generation apostolic, the two bring to the table both the stories of heritage and the questions of the current generation.  We are all history makers.  Come join these sessions and learn the stories of our past, the challenges of our present, and the promises of our future!

Blueprint For Life – Ryan Franklin
Have you ever felt a little lost in life? Have you ever wondered why you were even born into this world? Sometimes it is too easy to just drift along through life with our own ambitions tucked inside our own minds. We are taught in society that the more we succeed the more fulfilled we will be. Is that really achieving the eternal significance God designed for us? God has a purpose for YOU. Within the fingerprint of God lies the blueprint of your life! If we can grasp our God-given blueprint, we will develop the power to let go of the trivial things in life that distract us. This will allow us to become bolder for the Kingdom of God. God desires to speak to you about your strengths, your dreams, and your future.

Discover MyPOA Orientation - Gil Caudle and the Orientation Team
If you are new to POA then this is the Life Class for you. Discover POA will give you an overview of The Pentecostals of Alexandria including our history, our beliefs and how you can connect here with us and with God.  NOTE:  The Discover POA module is an exact replica of the Discover POA sessions that happen every Sunday Morning.

Hearken to the Voice - Deb Cook
Is God really speaking to me? Why does He seem to be silent sometimes? How do I silence the other voices in my life to fully hear what He's saying to me? We will discuss ways to discern His voice in the midst of the chaos of our lives. Beyond hearing we must be attentive to, yield to, obey, and understand what He is saying to us.

Honoring God’s Word – Dr. Sidney Poe
This course seeks ways to truly honor God's Word by handling the Bible with extreme care, like you would handle a priceless gem, not because it is fragile, but because it is precious. Careful handling means avoiding paraphrasing, incomplete research, and traditional answers.  We will learn to observe context, principles of Bible exposition, word meanings from the original languages and use systematic methods of Bible study within reach of every saint with a Bible.

How To Be Where You Are – Shane Spears
Is it always the squeaky wheel that should get the oil?  It usually does, by default, but does that make it right?  Life is full of tough decisions about how we spend our time and energy.  One of the great challenges we face is knowing how to balance all of the elements of life.  How do we give the right amount of attention at the right time to the right things?  The urgent often tries to drown out the important, and that's just not the way we were created to live.  Come join us as we dig into God’s Word and talk about the importance of being intentionally balanced, present, and stable in a world that is full of chaos and noise.  You will leave with tools in your hand that will help guide you through the maze of mayhem that is this great and wonderful life we've been given.

Marriages Made to Last – Tim & Gail Waters
No matter how long you have been married and regardless of how successful you feel your marriage is, we all can agree that marriage is an institution of continual learning. God's desire for his children is to not just survive marriage, but to thrive in our marriages and experience His grand design to its fullest. But like many things in the Kingdom of God, in order to realize the marriage God has for us, we must invest our energy and effort. A good marriage makes the good times better and the bad times bearable. But good marriages don’t just happen, good marriages are built one day, one week, one year at a time. Join Tim and Gail Waters as they share solid marriage principles and real life experiences. Come prepared to laugh as we tackle this thing called marriage.

Real Colors. Real Applications – Lynn Rogers & Carly Rogers
$12 Materials Fee
Do you know your Real Color, and do you find yourself trying to identify the Real Colors of others?  Do you wish you had more information on how to apply this fascinating information to real life?  If so, this fun and interactive workshop is for you!  Take your Real Colors assessment to the next level in this new #MyPOA Life Class!  

The Mighty God in Me! – Rob Riddle
This course takes a look at scriptures to understand the power of the mighty God in Christ as He dwells in you and me.  Let's explore the power of the revelation of God's oneness, what it means to be made into His image, and how to walk in His likeness from day to day.  Through this study, we will make space for personal revelation of God, strengthen our understanding of how to exemplify the power of God in our life as Christ did to the world and to know more fully that the Mighty God in Christ is the Mighty God in me!