Support Groups

What is a support group?

A support group is NOT a class.

A support group consists of like-minded individuals coming together to share common experiences or concerns within a safe and confidential environment. The support group offers structure, accountability, prayer, and healing; and the strict adherence to confidentiality provides a safe place in which to discover that we are not alone in our struggles.

Admitting the need for help can be hard, and we may attend church thinking that our emotional needs will be met exclusively at an altar. A different perspective to this way of thinking is that the altar is the primary place to begin, but oftentimes, support from the body of Christ is necessary. Ecclesiastes 4:12 speaks of a strength that exists in a three-fold cord. You, a safe support group, and Christ can represent this three-fold cord.

POA offers a variety of support groups at different times of the year. Please check back here for additional information on upcoming support groups. Information will also be in the POA Weekly when support group enrollment is available