The Soul-Winning Bus Routes Ministry operates with one mission in mind:  to get people to church.  Bus and van drivers understand that if they can provide a means for people to arrive on the church grounds, these people will be given opportunities for spiritual growth that they otherwise would not have.

By far, the largest volume of transportation involves the second session of Sunday School, which is devoted to teaching the children brought in by bus.  "Second-Hour Sunday School," in the G.A. Mangun Center and the Family Life Center, and Morning Worship service, held in the Main Sanctuary, take place simultaneously.

To reach as many unchurched youth as possible, the routes stretch across Rapides Parish.  Bus route workers meet each Wednesday evening before the Midweek Worship Service for a 15-minute meeting.

However, in addition to transporting children to and from church, the transportation ministry's outreach is also extended to:

  • The Elderly
  • The Handicapped
  • Minimum-security felons
  • Special Education programs
  • Correctional Facilities
  • Chemical and Family Violence shelters

To a limited degree, this ministry extends its services beyond Sunday mornings.  In addition to providing transportation to and from the POA, church vehicles also serve the POA's daughter church works, including Calvary Tabernacle (South Alexandria), Cottonport, and Cheneyville.